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Austen Tosone is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer based in New York City.

August 2-8 2018

Pizza, being one of her favourite food, she made an experiment of eating pizza for every meal for a week — and somehow didn't gain any weight.

Thursday, 2nd of August

She ate a Brooklyn Pie Williamsburg Pizza which was a classic move — and it tastes just as good when you heat it up a few days later so she knew this was the move to kick off a pizza-filled week. She seamless a Brooklyn Pie from Williamsburg Pizza around 2 p.m., on 2 August 2018

Friday, 3rd of August

On Friday, she enjoyed eight slices of pizza, when meeting with a friend and her mom. They ordered two pies from Evil Olive: one margarita and one mushroom and ricotta and she had two slices from each., on 3 August 2018

She and her roommate were watching through an old season of "The Bachelorette" because the current season was too predictable and at around 12:30 a.m. after a glass of wine she could feel my stomach grumble. She put together another prosciutto and Brie slice for herself and fell asleep feeling all kinds of content.

Saturnday, 4th of August

She wake up craving so many different foods. Remember steak? How about tacos? Sushi? French fries? But at this moment she is mostly missing her go-to breakfast dish, avocado toast. She grabed an avocado from the refrigerator and heat up a slice in the oven. She scrape off about half of the cheese to make room for avocado slices. She took one bite and it was actually surprisingly delicious. There was something about the garlic-y pizza bread that was meshing well with the avocado.

She head to Hungry Ghost, one of her favorite Brooklyn coffee shops to do some freelance and blog work for the day. She ordered an iced matcha latte with almond milk when she got there and hang for a few hours. When the hunger sets in around 4 p.m., she run across the street to Carmine's and devour a plain slice. Her boyfriend comes over for dinner and they order in from Milly's Pizzeria. Lucky for him, they offer more than just pizza and she try to hide her jealousy as he eats his shrimp scampi and she consumes two more plain slices.

Sunday, 5th of August

At the Rockaway beach, she eat the last plain slice from the Williamsburg Pizza pie cold while Andrew eats a prosciutto sandwich. When they get back from the beach they go for a run, which she definitely needed but was not at all ready for having eaten nothing but bread and cheese for four days straight. After the run, all she was thinking about was how much she didn't want to eat pizza now that she finally had a moment to squeeze in some exercise, but she was also starving so she grabbed a buffalo chicken slice from Abitino's in Midtown to at least give her body some protein.

Monday, 6th of August

She grabs the sausage slice she picked up from Abitino's the night before from the fridge and pretend she's also eating home fries and eggs with it. She hops over to one of her favorite Brooklyn coffee shops, Sey, to get some writing done and end up working through most of the day.

At 4 p.m. she grabs a smoothie. The smoothie — a Berry Bomb from Grass Roots Juicery containing raspberries, banana, peanut butter, and almond milk — revives me in a way that she didn't even really know a smoothie could. Once she recovers from the power of the smoothie, she head over to her friend's apartment to watch "The Bachelorette" and they order in a vodka sauce pie from Saluggi's and split a bottle of a Spanish red wine. She was predictably hungry since she ate the first slice late in the morning and practically inhale her half of the pizza (four slices).

Tuesday, 7th of August

On Tuesday she gets protein from a buffalo chicken pizza.

Since she is now newly obsessed with smoothies, she starts her morning off with another trip to Grass Roots and order the almond butter and banana smoothie, which is somehow even more delicious than the one she had yesterday.

She didn't consume any pizza until 11:30 a.m. She was at Carmine's right when it opened and got a massive slice of buffalo chicken and a plain slice to pop in her fridge for lunch tomorrow. She went to a meeting, got some work done in Cha Cha Matcha while consuming her usual matcha latte with almond milk, and then joined some friends for drinks where they ordered appetizers that she resisted the urge to nibble on. After drinks, she walked to a New York City staple, Two Bros Pizza — known for having the greasiest dollar slices in the entire city. She had two dollar slices and headed on her way.

Slice count: Three

Keep Calm and Chiffon

Keep Calm and Chiffon is the personal blog of Austen Tosone. Austen is New York-based writer, editor, blogger and digital content creator who shares fashion and other fields opinions.

In her spare time you can find her watching reruns of Gossip Girl, eating pizza, gallery hopping or writing from a coffee shop.

You can find her on Instagram @austentosone.

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